You Can Make $125,000 By Donating Your Face To Robots


This offer might sound like a spam ad from the comments section of a Kotaku post, but no – it’s for reals. Popular Mechanics reports that Geomiq, a London-based “additive manufacturing and machining” startup is looking for someone to be the face of someone’s robots. You don’t have to fork over your actual face to them, but this does read like the premise for what could be a fairly successful horror movie.

Geomiq put the call out for “a kind and friendly face” a month ago in an Oct. 11 blog post. They’re just the facilitator of this deal. The actual client looking for a face for their line of robots is unidentified. And there’s your first clue that this is all going to go horribly wrong for someone.

A few weeks ago we were approached by a robotics company asking if we could help it with the finishing touches of a state-of-the-art humanoid robot it’s been working on. Details of the project are scarce due to a non-disclosure agreement we’ve signed with the designer and his investors, but this is what we do know.

Details are scarce?!? Oh sure, here’s my face, just take it! Even more chillingly, a robot bearing your likeness will probably be trying to euthanize elderly people. Seriously, has A24 bought the rights to this, yet?

The robot is meant to work as a “virtual friend” for elderly people, so there’s a good chance this client works in the medical field. The project has been underway for five years and is expected to go into production next year.

Rest assured, though, the secretive nature of this nightmarish-sounding project won’t be secretive forever. The person whose mug is chosen will be privy to everything they’re going to do. In other concerns, imagine your gramma being menaced by a robot with your face telling her to lie down and it will all be over soon?

The company in question said it wants anonymity due to the nature of the product. But the robot will soon be “readily available” to the public, and the company thinks this campaign will create some buzz ahead of the official release.

Geomiq realizes that this is “an extremely unique request” and signing over the license to your face is “an extremely big decision.” But, if you’re still interested, you can send a pic to [email protected] Hopefully, people with the really memorable faces in the world (Jocelyn Wildenstein, Aaron Carter, any of the Kardashians) will throw their mugs in the ring for this. Because why not go full stop horror and have robots with chopped and screwed Kardashian faces running assisted living facilities and I’m going to stop now before I start crying out of terror.


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