California Area Codes & Few Important Facts About This Areas

America has many states and each of them has particular area codes that are assigned to each area. For example, the comes together with 424 code. These are the main California area codes that cover some areas of Los Angeles County. Though it seems strange to divide the country into areas or named codes, it’s the only solution that allows posts and other delivery companies to get things working well.

More Detailed Information about 310 Code

This code serves for some districts of Los Angeles and some surrounding areas. Moreover, it includes a single overlay, 424, which usually serves the same area. But what about the time zone? What time zone does it cover? This area is situated in the Pacific time zone. The main counties of this zone include:

  • Los Angeles,
  • Ventura,
  • Santa Barbara.

For some people, 310 are only figures but in sober fact, they mean too much. When it comes to America, you should bear in mind that the phone number can say too much about you. For example, when a person calls from a number, which begins with figures “310”, you see that this person tries to get in touch with you from Los Angeles. Who knows, maybe this is a producer, who wants to cast you in his play? So you should immediately pick up the phone!

Moreover, when you see a code on the screen of your smartphone, you can make immediate associations between this person and his lifestyle. In other words, a phone area number can work as a marketing tool. You can see three simple numbers but they can tell a lot about the person who calls. Simply put, it is a crucially important hint about the social status of a person.

That’s why some people can even overpay for obtaining specific prestigious area codes. In doing so, they just want to ensure that they belong to a certain social circle. Some of them are even ready to overpay for specific San Francisco or Los Angeles codes. This is especially important for businesses because a 310 number is very important and rare. When the city expanded, they decided to start using a new one, 424. But unfortunately, 424 doesn’t have the same reputation as a 310 has. That’s why business owners want to pay to get the number they really want. They think that this number can improve their relationships with partners.

Today, it is not a problem to get numbers from absolutely any area. It is possible due to the rapid development of virtual phone systems that offer a broad selection of numbers from any prestigious area. A virtual number doesn’t differ from the local one. But it is easier to get them! You can even control a few numbers simultaneously (you’ll have them at hand on your mobile device). So you can use numbers from absolutely different areas simultaneously.

310 code is the most sought after one because Los Angeles is one of the biggest and the most important business cities in the USA. So now, you understand why people try to opt for this area, right?



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