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How to Get Followers on Instagram without Following

Instagram has the power to decide the eventual fate of your brand. It can tell you whether your brand is successful or it is just in starting stages. On Instagram, users can easily upload and share videos by adding certain filters and stickers. Billions of people are active on this social media giant, and so, it is the utmost priority of every brand to promote their products.

However, you cannot publicize your brand if you do not have sufficient followers. Stuffing your posts with attractive content would be of no use if you do not have the audience that is interested in your content. To get more followers, you have to follow other pages and people to get the reciprocity.

Doing extremely diligent work is not possible for everyone, and people often look for ways to gain followers without following some others. Amazingly, in this article,  we described some methods, through which you can increase your followers without following or subscribing to anyone.

Case Study

A famous Argentinian Footballer Messi has more than 130 million followers, while he is only following 224 people!

You must be wondering what does messy do?

Messi is indeed one of the most famous footballers in the world, and it is not easy to get as many followers as him, but still, it does not mean that you stop trying. You will get the juice out of Instagram marketing if you follow the tips that I am going to mention below

1. Make your Profile Distinguishable

Your profile is the first thing that people see when they visit your feed, and you need to develop it in a way that it could compel the new visitors to follow you. You can’t afford to let the new visitors leave without liking your profile.

How can you make your profile discoverable and searchable?

To put a stunning first impression on the new visitors, try to:

  • Complete your bio by adding a profile photo, title, description, and website URL
  • Add emoticons, hashtags and other visuals in your bio to trap the new visitors in the magic of your profile
  • Upload an elegant picture of the logo of your business
  • Add multiple compelling pictures that are related to the services and products of your brand

If you visit the profile of Messi, then you will see that he has adhered to all the above guidelines.

2. Quality of the Content

No matter which strategy you are using to get more followers. If your content is low quality, then nobody will ever follow you.

So what does the quality content mean?

Quality content is not just publishing the stylish and attractive images, but it is also about the valuable and relevant context.

Ponder over what would be preferred by you if you were the visitor. What do you see in the content that makes you fall in love with those pages? Think of yourself as a general visitor, and implement the content strategy accordingly.

3. Post Frequently

Most of the newbies on Instagram do not post enough, and it is the main reason why they do not get any followers.

Make your profile busy to really catch up on the train of followers.  If you do not post consistently, then your content becomes old, and it would less likely be found. Obviously, Messi posts frequently on Instagram, and the result are there.

4. Run Targeted ads

If you have a budget, then why not spend it in running targeted ads that could disseminate your content just beyond your community.

Ads give you a fantastic opportunity to show off your services officially. Furthermore, you can also use relevant and concise hashtags in your ads to optimize them for search engines. To find the search engine friendly hashtags, you can visit this site. Hashtags selected form this platform will boost the sales and reach for the content.


We have mentioned some unique and simple ways to get more followers on Instagram without following. As you spend some time on Instagram, you will explore novel ways to get genuine people. Good luck with your marketing endeavors.



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