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Most Popular Celebrities At the End of 2019

Whether it’s “Keeping up with the Kardashians” that got you introduced to Kim, or just randomly hearing someone tell a story about her beauty, you’ve probably already know her name and who she is. Kim is one of the Kardashian sisters and she is statistically the most famous one as well. She currently has about 150 million followers on her Instagram profile, and that number seems to rise even more as each day goes by. Feel free to visit bestinau.com.au if you are interested in learning some more.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Rock is the type of person that can entertain almost anyone. He is known for his former wrestling career, acting and being the gym fanatic that he is. A lot of people describe his as the most down-to-earth guy that you’ll ever meet. Currently, Dwayne Johnson has about 160 million followers on Instagram, so if you are interested in seeing some action and excitement, definitely make sure to follow him as well.

Ariana Grande

She has a beautiful voice, an even better looking smile, and some of her latest songs are complete “bangers”. “Break up with your girlfriend” is one of her latest hits that made a large “boom” on social media, and that’s how many people learned about her and what she does. Ariana is a singer, but a lot of people follow her because she’s absolutely beautiful as well. Currently, she has about 160 million followers on her Instagram profile, so if you are in for some aesthetics and an angelic voice, definitely make sure to give her a follow.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most dedicated people in the entire world. He spends so much time improving himself every single day, and that’s what his fans love him the most for. Of course, tons of females follow him for the look as well, and there is no denying that Ronaldo is absolutely aesthetic. Currently, his follower count is incredibly high, reaching a number of almost 190 million followers on Instagram. If you are in for some football action, amazing gym performance and overall awesomeness, follow Cristiano Ronaldo.



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