Story: Treasure And The Lucky Digger – Episode 7

One of the boys lay Sharon on the grassy surface before me. They threatened to shoot her if she tried to scream or prove adamant to any instruction. Kingsley laughed and pulled down her skirt to reveal her thighs and her white panties. Sharon was fidgeting on the ground like a virgin bride on her wedding night. Her face began to stream with tears. When Kingsley’s hands made for the panties I shut my eyes tightly and stooped my head.

Thump, thump, thump – my heart beating loud and clear in my ears. A cold shiver surged through my body despite the overflowing sweat pouring from my forehead to my feet. I wished I could shut my ears to bar the slightest sound of her moan or the sound of sexual body collision.

Now all voices became echoes in my head – as if coming from a very far distance.

“Take off that shit for me before I blast your head!”

Waves of Sobs echoed in my ears, “Please, don’t do this to me. Pleas-s-s-s-e! U-h-h-h-h-sh-h. A-s-s-h-h-h-h!”

“Oh, yea. You gonna enjoy this babe. Just shut the fuck up!”

Indiscernible voices passed through my head. It felt as though thousands of arrows were ripping through my flesh, while my head went numb as if drown in iced pool of water.


A voice rose high into the sky. My eyes flipped open only to see Kay-Euro back on his feet. He screamed again, and his body was quivering as if smarting from electric shock. He hurriedly delved his hand around his waist and produced a red rope strung with cowries. Sharon was lying down there, her thighs trembling. Her panties were still intact, but her camisole was partially open, revealing a fraction of her sweet boobs.

Then like a lunatic at a fresh display, Kingsley began to laugh stupidly while holding the fetish skywards. The yellow flames from the bonfire cast fast-moving shadows across his tall figure, but his sweat-stained countenance was visible enough and one could see a smile of satisfaction on his face. He directed his look towards his members whose mouths were agape with baffled facial expressions. They were standing in a single file about two feet away from him. Kingsley’s action must have appeared as a drama to them as well. I guessed the time he spent on Sharon wasn’t up to a minute before his strange uproar. Perhaps he was still going to resume his diabolic gusto.

“The great scorpion!” He bellowed at his members three times. “Yah!” they answered to each hail with their right fists thrusting heavenwards.

“Do you remember what Baba said about this amulet?” He directed his question to his members.

“Yes, King!” They chorused.

He shook his head and turned back gently, dropping a gaze on the fretting figure on the ground.

“She is a spiritual soul!” Kingsley barked, while demonstrating with his hands like a witch that was about to make a confession, “No one ever draws hurtful tears from her eyes without facing destruction! Children like her do not want rival in any home they find themselves … She must be the source of her father’s wealth … She might not be aware of this because her spiritual friends had been made invisible to her long time ago. That old man had forecast all these, and warned me not to hurt any woman. ”

Kingsley collapsed to his knees and bowed his head. He began to punch the earth with all his might. His members were staring in shock at him. I supposed they knew the implication of what Kay-Euro had just done. Although everything still appeared as a melodrama to me. Sharon also looked confused.

Kingsley sighed and continued, “But she has shed that tears when I’ve not even dug that hole of destruction; the hole that might have taken my soul if not for the alert of this amulet. Oh! Baba asked me to be careful, but lust has….”

“Everybody, freeze!” A baritone voice interrupted from the bush behind me,“ if you make any attempt to move, you are playing with fire. The whole place is surrounded by armed corps. Drop any weapon that might be on your body and your hands up!”

I couldn’t turn my head to look behind, but I was sure it was a police man that spoke. Kingsley still maintained his position. He did not even reveal his face, and I began to wonder if he was easily obedient; I believed a scorpion king would have a mystical power. His members didn’t take any step either. They removed the pistols and the different charms that were hung around their body and dropped them on the ground. I was actually expecting them to combat the police. I was excited they didn’t. I heaved a sigh of relief, and I felt cool breeze washing over my tense skin. It was that moment I felt that I had a wound on my head.

Kingsley revealed his face and shook his head solemnly, “Welcome! I have been expecting you. You must have been informed by the spirits.”

The twelve armed officers that came into view began to look at each other in the face. They were apparently confused concerning the word ‘spirit’ mentioned by Kingsley.

“For your information Mr. Man,” one of them said, “We are not here to play. If you continue to say jargons, I will blow off your head with this gun. We were not informed of your atrocity by any spirit or whatever! Somebody alerted us on phone about twenty minutes ago.”

Kingsley smiled bitterly and said simply, “You can’t understand. You are all naïve of the terrestrial force.”

One of the officers wanted to shut Kingsley up, but another one cautioned that they should hear him out.

“You can say whatever you like,” the officer said, “remember everything you say here will be used against you in the court of law.”

“You black rats have no sense of cultism!” Kingsley said with fury in his eyes, “those spirits must have taken the form of a human as an informant. If those immortals have not fortified you, none of you ‘incompetent dogs of Nigeria Government’ dare not visit the lion’s den without bathing with blood … if not for the tears of this ‘sacrilege’ that rendered my power impotent, I bet none of you will leave here alive; even though you are up to a million!”


“Officer, untie that young man!” One of them instructed, “Young lady. Dress up and rise to your feet.”

Seven officers came forward to handcuff Kingsley and his nine boys. Two of them untied me and supported my limp body on their shoulders. I was very happy that I hadn’t been killed before the police arrived. I didn’t know where I was. I did not know how far it was to the main campus. I thought God had answered my prayer through Sharon’s unknown mystical guards. All in all, I just learnt my lesson about evil deeds such as rape. Everything that happened still appeared to me as a dream. Who could ever believe that Sharon was no ordinary human?


Festus and I had been taken to the hospital by some of the officers. Festus was deep asleep from the sleeping injection he had received. A drip was being passed to his body. I was glad that his injury wasn’t as much as I expected. He had a minor cut at the left part of his head. However, the nurse had used a bandage around it. I had called my parents’ number immediately we left that terrible scene. Before 6: am Dad and Mum arrived. They met me beside Festus’ sickbed. Mum started examining all over my body if I had not been bruised.

“Are you sure they didn’t touch you at all?” Mum asked anxiously.

“No, Mum. I’m fine.”

Dad stood speechless. I narrated to them how God had saved me from gang rape. But I didn’t include that Festus was my boyfriend. I told them he was just a friend. Mum sat beside me on a plastic chair beside Festus’ sickbed, while Dad remained on his feet.

Dad heaved a sigh, and stretched his palms upwards, “Oh, thank you Jesus!”

“My Treasure, you know you need to be hospitalized, yourself.” Dad said in his baritone voice, while rubbing his bulging belly. In his left hand was a silver walking-stick that had always accompanied him to any journey.

“Dad, I am fine. It’s Festus that really needs a treatment.”

“Omalicha Nwa! You mean your own health is not important to you?” Mum asked with agitation in her voice and directed her speech to Dad, “I can’t afford to let my daughter study in this country any longer. I don’t want to lose her. And I have asked you to send her to the states, you refused. If she has been raped to death, is this what we’re going to be saying?”

“Woman, be patient!” Dad said, almost provoked. He paused for a moment as if to calm his temper. He struck his walking-stick on the tiled floor and said, “Alright, I will think about it.”

“You’d better think about it.” Mummy mumbled; her affectionate hands were still wandering on my body.

I didn’t care about what Mum and Dad were deliberating over. I had one important question to ask them, but I needed to reserve it. When I was narrating to them concerning Kay-Euro’s revelation about me, my parent stared at each other in the face. Dad interrupted me with another topic when I wanted to confirm if I was really surrounded by spirit. Somehow, I believed my parents were hiding something from me. Could I have been a child surrounded by spirits without my knowledge? What sacrifice could they have made to hide my spiritual friends from me?

My Daddy’s loud throat-clearing pulled me out of my thought. He would only clear his throat in that manner if he was suspicious about something. But what could he be suspicious of?

“And you say this young man is just a friend?” Dad asked.

I was forced to smile when I looked at Dad’s curious facial expression, and I bowed my head timidly.

“Treasure,” Mum said, patting my back, “Just tell us the truth. I know my daughter quite well. He is more than a friend; Right?”

I glanced at my parents questioning look. And I smiled while nodding my head shyly. I didn’t mean to lie that Festus was just a friend. Of course, I was not too small to have a boyfriend. I had just marked my 24th birthday. I didn’t want Mum to start interrogating me about his background. My parents really wanted me to present to them a fiance from an influential background like ours; although, Dad didn’t care much about that. All he wanted for me was a responsible man.

“You mean he is your boyfriend.” Mum insisted.

“Yes.” I nodded slowly.

“Hmn … he is a good-looking boy. You have really taken after your mother. ” Mum remarked animatedly, while stealing a glance at Dad’s face.

I smiled in response to her compliment. I knew what she meant by that. Indeed, Dad was still very handsome in his late sixties. He had a light-brown skin and a bald head. His blemishless white beard and moustache created a sharp contrast in a way that made him look like a typical professor. And he was really intelligent. During my secondary school days, each time he didn’t go to the office, he would tutor me on all subjects. His sense of arithmetic was awesome. He studied statistic in school. Mum was just in her late forties. I didn’t take after her with fair skin, but her beauty.

“So, who is this boy’s father in this state?” Dad asked the shocking question I had been avoiding.


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