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Story: Treasure And The Lucky Digger – Episode 4

She told me that her birthday was six days’ time. I expressed a surprise that the period coincided with the time we met.

We couldn’t do without staring at each other (at least in ten seconds interval) when we began to do justice to our food. I wouldn’t have known how to use cutlery if not for my experience as a server. We hardly found a spoon to eat in my home let alone using flatware.


Sharon’s birthday was being held in her lavishly decorated flat apartment in the evening. I was seated with my two roommates and three other friends in the couch. In the middle of the spacious sitting-room was a glassy center-table where the birthday cake had sat. Most of the students were obviously the affluent personalities on campus. The cars I saw outside the apartment were the latest in town. I had got to know that Sharon had her own car when she invited me to her apartment two days back. It was ‘Accura 2009’ – that meant that the car came out the previous year. I’d asked why she wouldn’t drive it to school. She told me she’d been driving it to school before we met. She decided not to drive it again because she wouldn’t want me to feel inferior to her. I was very impressed to hear that from her. I asked her to start driving it to school.

Most of the students at the party had come with their partners. The sitting-room was vibrating from the rocking music that was playing from the home theatre. The present music was ‘Rihanna’s rude boy’. The music must have been mixed by a skillful DJ – it maintained a regular pattern with the previous one.

The program soon came to a start with a dancing contest – a single male and female were to dance to a particular song and a winner would be chosen. The dance floor was the middle of the sitting room. At that moment Sharon beckoned at me from the opposite couch. She gestured that I should come and sit beside her. I guessed she had purposely left the place vacant for me. The program was anchored by my roommate, Collins. When I insisted that I must have a part to take in her birthday, Sharon had asked me not to bother. Eventually I persuaded her that I would present to her a MC – Collins was very good at that.

I was not receiving any cordial looks from some of the rich students whose face were familiar to me. Perhaps they were thinking I wasn’t compatible with Sharon in terms of high class. Although I was gorgeously dressed. I was clad in a red V-neck and black baggy jeans; I had borrowed the pair of quality sneakers from Dayo. Sharon had offered to give me some money for whatever I needed to look outstanding on her day, but I had refused. I thought it was too early to start receiving anything from her. To kill all the haters at the party, Sharon rested her head on my shoulder as we watched the various activities.

When the celebrant was called out to dance cheers rented the air. Of course, the MC called me out to dance with her. I had already told Sharon I was a professional dancer. The music started slowly. When the beat started for real I realized that Sharon was a wild fire. I was amazed at her prowess at dancing. Her body-twisting was fantastic. Her steps were in fact coinciding with mine as if we’d rehearsed together.

The music finally came to a halt at a point where I held her by the waist while staring into her eyes. A thunderous applause complimented us alongside the wildest cheers ever.

When we resumed our seat I kept staring at Sharon and she seemed to be smirking with her index finger in her mouth. The naughty Sharon. I knew she had deliberately hidden her skills from me.


I was still in Sharon’s apartment when the whole ceremony was over. The time was 10:45 pm. Everyone had gone, except for her two friends who’d already gone to sleep in the second bedroom. It was a two-bedroom flat.

We sat close to each other in the couch while we toasted over a bottle of champagne. We talked about so many things. I told her about my background and how difficult life had been for me to sponsor my education. She expressed a sympathy and promised that all my sufferings must stop since I had now met her. She confessed to me that she once had the ambition of being a street dancer, but her Dad didn’t permit her. Her father wanted her to graduate as a business student in order to make her the head of all his companies home and abroad. I was perplexed to hear that she was the only child from her both parents. Her mother had several miscarriages after giving birth to her, until the doctor said she couldn’t bear anymore child.

“But,” I said, puzzled, “your father should have sent you abroad to study then. Most high personalities in this country do send their children abroad.”

“Yeah, you are right,” She sighed, “My father couldn’t afford to let me go far away from him. He comes here often to check on me.”

“So, I should call you father’s pet.” I smiled teasingly.

“Yes, I am,” she nodded and smiled, turning her face to me. From her dim eyes I could tell that she was tipsy.

I grunted thoughtfully and said, “That must be the reason behind your pet name, Treasure … Who named you that between your Mum and Dad?”

“Mum nicknamed me Treasure. But Dad is now fond of the name more than Mum.”

“That’s funny.” I smiled a little.

“You are right; it’s quite funny.” She winked at me and faced front again, smiling.

At that moment I glanced at my wristwatch – 11:05pm.


“I should be on my way now.” I told her.

“Oh, no,” She grumbled, nestling her weight on my shoulder. She extended her left hand gently to remove something from my forehead, “today is my birthday. You need to stay over.”

I was excited to hear that, but I wanted to feign a reluctance. So, I told her I had a lecture by 7: am on the next day. And moreover, I had to change my wears in the morning. She said all the excuses given by me were absolutely not genuine, and I would break her heart if I refused to sleep over.

“Alright , I will,” I said grimly, “I don’t want to break your heart. okay?”

With that, she stood up and beckoned at me. I still sat down there.

“Let’s go.” She insisted.

“To where?”

“My room, of course,” She said in a low tone as she grabbed my right hand.

“But, I thought…”

She placed her finger over my lips, “Don’t think anything. Let’s go.”

Without being told, I knew what was going to happen. And I was prepared for it anytime. I actually wanted to say, “I thought I would sleep on the couch.” She must have seen the lies in my eyes before she shut up my mouth.

When we got the room, she shut the door and removed the key from the lock. I suddenly felt like a prisoner in a dungeon. But I understood that she didn’t want any disturbance. After switching on the AC, she went straight to the tape just beside the wardrobe and inserted a CD. I could hear a cool music rising slowly into the air (‘Everything I do’ by Brandy).

The sound was considerable low, and thus emotional. I pulled off my shirt and dropped it on the bed. We started inching close to each other in accordance to the rhythm of the music. We stood, looking at each other’s eyes for a moment as if to obey the musician who was now singing:

‘Look into my eyes, you will see what you mean to me.’

Before I thought of feeding on her lips she had overtaken me by wrapping her arms over my head, and our lips compressed sensually – like a sandwich. Her lips were daintily full and delicious. She released her lips and smiled at me for some time. I replied the smile. That was our first kiss. We began again. In this very game she was the superstar, I was an upcoming actor. I just realized she was not only skillful at dancing.

A little later, she pressed her lips slowly around my nipples; then tenderly and carefully down my hairless chest, while caressing my groin. My blood started boiling and sizzling with desire. I quickly overpowered her by kissing her front neck to the back of her right ear, and over to her nape, while running my hand wildly into her hair.

I stripped bare her upper body, and I thirstily fed on her creamy mounds as if expecting some iced yoghurt to fill my parched throat. I heard her moan softly and needfully – the same way I sounded when she was arousing me. Finally she knelt down to unbuckle my belt. She wore a smile of satisfaction before feeding on what now made my body explode like fireworks.

When the real game started, it was rough at first, and finally slow and sensual. Forty minutes – it was over.


After a week Sharon and I became a popular couple on campus. But I told her we had to reduce our closeness until after exams. Sharon agreed to create a chance for me to study, but Elizabeth did not.



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