Future Teller: Ways To Know What Awaits You In The Future

Time has been a strange concept that many people struggle to grasp in contrast with their lives. They say we are slaves to time, and humans have been troubled by its opacity for a very long time. But this is not anything unusual, as very few people believe we can never tame time to our liking.

However, there are ways to know what will happen to you in the future. In this article, we will try to explain those ways, but it is in your own right to believe whether they can help you.

1. Aeromancy

Aeromancy has a complex definition which means divination from the state of the air or from atmospheric substances. Aeromancy might sound complex, but it is very simple to perform. All that this practice requires is for you to watch the clouds, birds, precipitation, and other stuff in the sky. As a matter of fact, people have used aeromancy for weather forecasting, but it can also be used for signs of things that await you in the future.

2. Aleuromancy

Aluromancy is a different term for fortune cookies. While they are two different things, the act of aleuromancy is used with fortune cookies. “Aleuro” is a word for flour, and “mancy” is a word for divination which is the art or practice of foreseeing future events. Fortune cookies are just one part of aleuromancy, as traditionally messages were baked into balls of dough.

3. Tarot Cards

For those who aren’t familiar with this subject, a tarot card deck is made out of 78 cards. Each card has its own meaning, symbolism, imagery, and story. Each card represents something different, and each card tells something that we experience on a daily basis. These cards are one of the most common ways to tell what awaits you in the future and they are widely used in movies as well, according to tarotinsingapore.com. Tarot cards are used for the practice of cartomancy.

4. Astragalomancy

Astragalomancy is a practice of foreseeing the future through the use of small bones of dice. In the past, when astragalomancy was firstly practiced, small bones would be marked and thrown on the ground. Based on their position, they were used by the Greeks to tell the future.

5. Necromancy

You all might be familiar with necromancy, as it is widely depicted in horror movies. Necromancy refers to the act of conjuring the spirits of the dead for the purpose of revealing one’s future or an event. Necromancy by definition means divination by the dead, but the term is very loosely used to relate anything with “the dead”. The necromancy you all know and love is actually sciomancy. And if you’re not familiar with sciomanyc, it is the act of consulting the disembodied spirits of the dead.

6. Oneiomancy

Oneiromancy is the act of foreseeing the future through dreams. It is a very common thing for someone to dream about the future, and it is even said that dreams are messages from other realms. The Bible’s book of Genesis tells of Joseph’s oneiromancy skills, where he explains the Pharaoh’s dreams.



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