Drew Barrymore is shooting a talk show pilot for CBS, will it get picked up?

Just about every day, I miss Busy Philipps. Her show was a breath of fresh air in a crowded and male-oriented market. She had a more intimate format that seemed both more modern and familiar. It was a delight to watch her and she brought a unique and fun perspective. Plus she knew so many of her guests personally! Busy got such a raw deal from E! I was thinking about that when I read Quimby’s coverage of Kelly Clarkson’s nationally syndicated talk show, coming next month. (Kelly Clarkson, really?) Kelly is friendly enough and people like her, but as Quimby pointed out, what does she bring to the table? Ditto that for this story about Drew Barrymore shooting a talk show pilot. Drew is… Drew. The only new talk show host I’m rooting for is Tamron Hall.

Drew Barrymore is eyeing a move into the daytime talk show arena.

The actress, who recently wrapped three seasons of the Netflix comedy “Santa Clarita Diet,” is shooting a pilot this week in New York for CBS Television Distribution.

Details of the hourlong show are still sketchy. Barrymore is among the executive producers of the pilot, likely through her Flower Films banner. Sources said there is no showrunner formally attached as of yet.

Barrymore circled a talk show deal with Warner Bros.’ Telepictures in 2016, but a pilot never came to fruition, in part because of a lukewarm response from prospective station groups at the time. The new regime at CBS’ syndication arm is said to have high hopes for the show and faith in Barrymore’s appeal as a daytime TV personality.

Drew Barrymore is just not that interesting to me. A lot of people know her from her romcoms and so she has that going for her, along with the fact that she likely has a lot of celebrity connections. In the interviews I’ve seen with her she comes across as a space cadet. Plus she’s so f’ing problematic! She called feminists angry and remember her “MeToo” victims have to be less angry perspective? I guess that appeals to the people who make decisions about who gets chances in her industry though, especially at CBS.

Drew has one of those 25th anniversary interviews with InStyle. She talks about body image and her hair.



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