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Liam Hemsworth was ‘heartbroken & blindsided’ by the photos of Miley & Kaitlynn

Just after Miley Cyrus announced her split from Liam Hemsworth while she was on vacation with her new girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter, someone tweeted at me and said that they hoped Liam didn’t slam Miley post-split. Apparently, there’s a theory amongst Miley-stans that during their last big breakup – basically, the Bangerz era – Liam waged a lowkey campaign to paint Miley as a promiscuous wild child who wouldn’t settle down. I mean… if you want to believe that Liam contributed to that narrative, sure, I’ll go along with that. But I wish the Miley-stans would also realize that Miley LOVES the “wild child” label and she desperately wants that brand. She still wants it. That’s why she’s making this most recent split as messy as possible, because she can’t help herself. That being said, of course Liam is going to play the wronged husband, the good guy who tried to love a difficult wild child. That’s HIS brand.

While sources close to Miley Cyrus have been busy painting her as the wronged party in her breakup with Liam Hemsworth, pals of the “Hunger Games” actor tell Page Six that he was “devastated” by the infamous pictures of his soon-to-be ex-wife making out with another woman.

“He was heartbroken and blindsided by those photos,” said a pal, referring to pictures of Cyrus smooching reality star Kaitlynn Carter at a hotel pool on Lake Como, Italy, that appeared online Sunday — just a day after the couple announced the end of their marriage.

“They are still married and they really did love each other. She’s really immature and always has been,” a source told Page Six.

People close to Hemsworth told us Cyrus sources have been working overtime to paint Hemsworth as the problem. On Wednesday, People magazine published a scathing story claiming that Cyrus had tried to curb his partying and that he would “lash out at her.”

But sources close to Hemsworth told us he’s hurt by the coverage. “Liam is one of the kindest, gentlest people out there. Him being wild or drunk or deadbeat is absolutely ridiculous.” They added that the booze claims are “100% a distraction” from her actions.

I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it until proven otherwise: Liam just seems like a guy who likes to smoke some weed, have a few beers, grill some meat and watch a movie. He doesn’t seem like he would “lash out” at Miley or whatever. I could see the biggest problem being, theoretically, his laziness. Like, he doesn’t show up emotionally, he’s content to just drink a beer and get high and not do the work of being in a marriage. That’s just my theory, again. But yes, I believe that Liam was probably hurt by Miley’s affair with Kaitlynn and the photos from Italy this past weekend. That’s why Miley posed for those photos – to get under Liam’s skin, because she’s that immature.



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