Quick Guide to Social Branding and How to Master It

Studies show that people have made up their minds about a brand in about 7 seconds or less. This means that you and your business have about 7 seconds to make a good first impression, or you may have lost the interest from a potential customer.

With the help of social media, social branding has become much easier than it was back in the day of telephone book ads. Gone are the days that you have one piece of paper to show what your brand is about, now with the power of social media branding, you have videos, live stories, personal moments, blogs, tweets, posts, ads, and more!

So the question is, how can we leverage the opportunities of social media and use social branding to its fullest potential?

Keep on reading to learn how to master the art of social branding.

Set Some Clear Goals

If you do not have clear goals, there is a major chance that you will not succeed with your social media branding objectives. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

What do you want from your social branding efforts? More brand awareness? More engagement? More Sales? Connect more to your audience? Have more followers? all of these are important factors to become clear on.

Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your audience is everything when it comes to social branding. If you are working for more engagement and your target audience is not the type to engage, then you may have a problem.

Know your audience, then study them intensely, find out when they go on social media, how long they are on for, what they are looking for, which platform they use, and so on.

Decide Which Platform Is Right for Your Brand

37 percent of the world’s population, which is over 2.8 billion people, use social media.

Different social media platforms offer different benefits for everyone, and each one attracts a certain type of demographic.

Facebook, for example, is your best way to target everyone, especially the older demographic, they are also a great way to run some target ads. Instagram is great for targeting Millenials and sharing your personal moments. Pinterest is great for bringing people to your blog and offering a solution to common problems.

Build a Presence with Engagement

Everyone wants to feel noticed and acknowledged, so if you have a chance to connect with and acknowledge a follower, do so immediately! Some of the most successful social media brands got that way because they were prompt on engaging with comments on their accounts.

According to falconmarketing.com, an SEO company is a wonderful way to know where to start, how to find and target your audience

Learn More About Social Branding

Social branding success does not just happen overnight, this takes time and constant analytics to see where you need to make some changes and where things are working.

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