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Grooming Your Beard?: how to do it right

For the fashion-conscious man, no matter at what age, the beard is simply part of the lifestyle. As an expression of individuality, casualness and coolness, full beard, moustache or hipster beard are also a daily challenge. Once the beard has been well washed and its final shape has been reached, the morning routine of beard care is the order of the day.

Basics for a Maintained Beard

Even if the hipster beard itself has reached a great shape, it is important to keep the shape with the morning shave. Beard hairs that survive should be removed daily. The other smooth parts of the face must, of course, continue to be cared for. The length of the beard hair is also decisive: the beard hair can be successfully trimmed with special beard scissors. There are certainly personal preferences for shaving the smooth areas: whether dry shaving with an electric razor or wet shaving is usually a very individual decision.

Careful care for a well-groomed appearance

Just like the head hair also the beard hair is in need of care. This also means to use a beard care shampoo regularly: With a mild foam, the beard hair feels much better groomed. A well-trimmed beard can not only be cared for after washing but also gently shaped. However, normal shampoo is taboo for all beards: The hair structure of the relatively short beard hair differs fundamentally from the hair structure of the head hair. Special beard oil provides additional care for the beard. A beard can also be shaped with special beard care wax. The beard gets a special finish based on beeswax. With gaps in the beard, one can stimulate the beard growth with natural beard wax. Here it should be paid attention that this contains only natural contents materials, which strengthen the normal, by the metabolism caused beard growth.

The right accessories for good care

The basic question of wet or dry shaving can only be answered individually. Both are basically suitable for shaving the smooth parts of the face. Depending on how sensitive the skin is, a range of care products can be used for both types of shaving. Caring after-shave lotions or cooling facial toners support the skin generation. This also applies to minor skin injuries for which there are special creams.

Shaving long beard hair is already more difficult: Longbeard hair can be shaped either with special electric long hair tailors or with beard scissors. Depending on the accessories, the price of an electric shaver is definitely higher than that of a simple beard clipper. The advantage is however in the better handling: Once a cut length is adjusted, also luxuriant beards can be trimmed perfectly. For different lengths at certain points, all you need is a little bit of intuition. Otherwise, the walk to the barber can help.

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