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Congratulations! Contoured Cadbury Confection Jackie Aina Gets Engaged

Jackie Ainais getting married. Our favorite literal contoured chocolate bar/gorgeous Godiva gaaaawdess is engaged to her longtime love Denis Asamoah after a surprise proposal in Greece.

The beauty influencer with 3.1 million YouTube subscribers was surprised by the Ghanaian-British founder of Mr. Work Smarter with a gorgeous ring after he blindfolded her and walked her up a staircase where a saxophonist was playing Sade’s greatest hits.
“As she was walking up the stairs, her favorite song, ‘Nothing Can Come Between Us,’ was being played as I knew it would mean so much to her,” said Denis to US Weekly about the proposal. “We put a blindfold on her and I was anxious because I wanted it to go perfectly. I escorted her up these crazy steps in a blindfold.”



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