6 Sleeping Tips for Mothers Having a Hard Time to Fall Asleep

Whether you’re a new parent or not, sleep deprivation and motherhood don’t have to go hand-in-hand. Motherhood is not a fairytale that you see on television. It has a few more challenges than what you had in mind. We all understand, of course, that you want only the best for your child, but you should also take care of your health and wellness so you should attempt to get as much sleep as possible.

When your baby is awake, so are you. Hence, your sleep cycles keep on getting interrupted; which makes you feel tired and irritable, causes you to forget things, and raises your risk of depression.

Although the birth of a child is a joyous event, many parents are taken aback by how exhausted they feel during those first weeks and months. So, what should burnt out parents, especially mothers, do to have adequate and restorative sleep every night?

1.    Say “Yes!” to Help

Try to split all the duties of your family as best as you can. Create a strategy to pass off responsibilities to your partner or a visitor that can work the night shift for you. It’s easier to turn feedings over to a trusted person like your partner if you’re bottle-feeding, but if you are breastfeeding, you can introduce a bottle of breast milk early. So, someone else can provide relief in the middle of the night, even having your partner make the bed or take care of diapers.

Nursing mothers you should get more deep sleep – the type of sleep that heals muscles and repairs the body. New parenthood is not easy on either of the parents but an honest talk and open communication can pave the way to a more relaxed night.

If you have an extra budget, you can also consider outside help. Getting a nurse to look after your baby means you get some time to recuperate as well. In addition to that, nurses come with many expert tips on how you can get your baby on a schedule. Even that occasional time off to catch up on sleep can make a huge difference. People consider sleep to be a luxury, but it’s a medical need.

2. Avoid blue light before bed

If you are having trouble falling asleep even after a draining day of caring for a new baby, it might be tempting to catch up on the latest social media hijinks or the new season if your favorite show. But that may not be the best idea for your health.

The light from your computer or television can be very stimulating and keep you up.

You’ll have trouble going back to sleep after waking up to breastfeed. Instead, you should get rid of electronic distractions such as TV, laptops, and mobile phones from the bedroom. In general, it is a better idea to remove these devices from the bedroom altogether. Some people might think watching ASMR videos could help. However, the blue light from your devices turns on the active mode in your brain, making it harder to fall asleep. If you find yourself spending more than 30 minutes struggling to sleep, you should get up and grab a book or make a cup of tea for a while.

3. Learn to Say ‘No’ to Guests

When friends and family stop in to visit your baby, you may feel obligated to entertain, prepare food, and keep them happy.

Firstly, you should know that there are two kinds of visitors: helpful visitors and aggravating visitors. Helpful visitors are those people who will offer to lend a hand and share household responsibilities. An example of this is your mother-in-law who can make you lunch and change your baby’s diapers. While aggravating visitors are those that demand that you give them the same attention you did before you had your baby will only sap your energy.

Learn to say ‘yes’ to those who come with a helping hand and learn to say ‘no’ to those who visit for gossip and little else.

4. Sleep when your baby sleeps

The wise words ‘sleep when your baby sleeps’ that nurses and doctors tell you when you leave for home is the best sleep hack you can undertake as a new mom. You can’t function without sleep. It is an absolute necessity and should be a priority. You might think it is better to clean the house, wash those dirty dishes, clean your contemporary rugs and do laundry but when your baby is asleep, take that precious time to get your much-needed shuteye.

I don’t care if you have dirty diapers all over the house, you can always find help in your family.

5. Create a sleep-inducing environment

Even if you are tired, you won’t be able to sleep well if your bedroom isn’t inviting. A dark, quiet space that’s free of distractions will encourage sleep better than one that’s brightly lit and noisy. You should also use a non-toxic, natural mattress from brands like Awara that’s comfortable and keeps your body supported. It’s common for new moms to suffer from backaches as they spend a lot of time carrying their babies during pregnancy and after. You can check out some popular home furnishing brands to do so. If you are interested in checking out natural mattresses, click here.

When sleep is in short supply, it’s more important than ever to make sure your bed is comfortable and supportive and aid to restful sleep. Treat yourself to a great new bed. Investing in the mattress for back pain with your exact bed dimensions requirement can mean a considerable difference to manage and even eliminating discomfort.

Having a good night’s sleep is a dream for most new moms but that’s no reason not to do all you can to get it. In between feedings, chores and million and one things to do, it’s imperative to focus on yourself. Getting as much-needed shut-eye is essential so that you can be the best version of yourself for you and your baby.

 6. Practice mindfulness

It’s normal for new moms to be stressed all the time. They are always worried about what needs to get done if they are doing it right and everything else that might crop up. Stress is the biggest challenger of restful sleep. We understand that it can be quite hard to relax but practicing mindfulness and relaxation techniques can help. Take walks to get sunlight and fresh air during the day to deal with sleepiness.

Research has shown that this insomnia can be combated by meditation on awareness. Mindfulness is all about being aware, being conscious of the present. It means letting go of the worries about the future and the stress from all the things that have transpired. There are different ways to bring about mindfulness. A guided meditation session, a yoga Nidra practice or even using breathing techniques to slow down. Worries about your baby or your job can wait until tomorrow, and you can get some much-needed rest.


If the lack of sleep is interfering with your daily functioning, it’s time for additional help. Some of the mom’s fatigue is normal and to be expected. However, sleep deprivation is a problem with severe implications, including depression and anxiety. There is no need to go through new parenthood alone so ask for help. A good night’s sleep is crucial to your wellbeing.


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