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Duchess Meghan wants to become a ‘contributing editor’ for American Vogue?

Duchess Meghan wants to become a ‘contributing editor’ for American Vogue?

About a month ago, we heard the gossip that the Duchess of Sussex had finally agreed to do some kind of photoshoot or feature with British Vogue. Sources claimed that American Vogue was in the running too, but that Meghan was leaning more towards British Vogue because of Edward Enniful, and because she would basically get to dictate her own terms. It seems she probably will not do a big, splashy family photospread, but there could be some photos of Frogmore Cottage (inside and out), plus maybe an essay from Meghan about charity or her patronages or something. Well, get ready for more vague reporting about what Meghan might do with Vogue.

The Duchess of Sussex is in discussions with Anna Wintour about writing a regular column focusing on her charity work for Vogue, can disclose. Sources close to the talks say the monthly feature would be similar to the article being put together to accompany her upcoming photoshoot for the publication’s September issue in the UK. But Meghan will not appear on the cover of the magazine due to her reported desire for the story to focus on women’s empowerment instead of her. And, in a further sign that the new mother favors media based in her native US, both the imminent photoshoot and her putative columns are slated to run in American as well as British Vogue.

The talks come amid mounting criticism of her and Prince Harry’s attempt to stop British taxpayers knowing basic details about their son Archie’s life – including a refusal this weekend to say who the godparents were at his christening – despite spending $3 million of public funds renovating their new residence, Frogmore Cottage.

A source told ‘The spread in Vogue won’t be a superficial photoshoot – on the contrary, she wants to use it as a platform to make a difference. She is working with Vogue as a contributing editor on a few fabulous stories about the causes that are near and dear to her and it may eventually become a regular column. Anna Wintour is also part of the talks and is in discussion about running some or all of the stories in US Vogue.’

Photographer Annie Leibovitz is in talks to shoot the initial piece, which insiders said would see the Duchess pose in outfits created by emerging designers whose backstories will be linked to her favorite causes such as mental health and women’s rights. The source added: ‘It’s all being planned out but it will be sensational and really shine a spotlight on some very worthwhile organizations.’

I understand Meghan’s reticence about appearing on the cover, but if Annie Leibovitz is shooting it and American Vogue wants to reprint the feature, why not just go all-in and say yes to a cover? She’ll be criticized either way. One argument will be “stuffy fake American duchess thinks she’s too good for the cover of British Vogue.” The other argument is “of course drama queen narcissist Meghan demanded a cover shoot!” They will literally tear her apart for ANY decision she makes, see also: not naming Archie’s godparents publicly, which of course the Daily Mail had to throw in again, out of nowhere, just to remind the British people that they’re supposed to be Forever Salty about everything involving Meghan.

As for the idea of Meghan doing a regular column for American Vogue… I could absolutely see Anna Wintour saying yes to it, but the idea of it scares me. Don’t get me wrong, I have faith that Meghan’s intentions would really be focused on raising the profiles of various charities. But it could easily veer into Pippa Tips, right?


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