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Avengers: Endgame Rerelease Goes International in Hopes of Dethroning Avatar

The Avengers: Endgame rerelease is officially heading to India. Marvel Studios is bringing the epic movie with extra footage internationally as it attempts to dethrone Avatar as the highest grossing movie of all time. As of this writing, Endgame is still about $22 million away from matching the record for the highest grossing movie of all time, which is after the Marvel Cinematic Universe installment was rereleased in North American theaters last weekend.

The Endgame rerelease is set to hit select theaters in India this weekend with the tagline: "One Last Time." The Russo Brothers previously revealed the rerelease would be global, but no further details were given when it comes to specific dates. With that being said, Endgame only brought in a little over $2 million overseas last weekend. BookMyShow’s Ashish Saksena had this to say about the India rerelease.

"The hysteria surrounding Avengers: Endgame which released in April this year was unlike anything witnessed before, with the movie having bested all previous Hollywood films released in India. The film sold over 8.5 million tickets on BookMyShow, making it the most demanded Hollywood film here. With the movie set to re-release in cinemas, with additional post-credits footage this week, we are confident that the fandom will take over, yet again! Avengers: Endgame enthralled audiences in every frame with its heady mix of comedy, emotions and larger-than-life action sequences. Marvel lovers are sure to return to cinema halls to catch their favorite squad in action!"

It seems Marvel Studios is rolling out the international Endgame rerelease in waves. In North America alone, the movie reentered the top ten at the box office with $5.5 million last weekend. The current holiday weekend mixed with the fact that Spider-Man: Far From Home is now in theaters has MCU fans jumping back into theaters to check out Endgame as a primer and to help try to break the box office record too.

As of now, Endgame is sitting at $2.76 billion, while Avatar is at $2.78 billion. The record is within reach, but it may end up failing to reach it when all is said and done. This weekend’s North American numbers paired with the international rerelease numbers should give a good indication if it’s in the cards or not. Many MCU fans have been fully on board with the tactics to take down Avatar, but others have been less than enthusiastic.

The Endgame rerelease bonus scene has always been promoted as unfinished, but this did not stop fans from complaining about it online. The scene isn’t too exciting and seems like an odd choice to entice MCU fans to go see the movie in theaters again. It remains to be seen if international audiences will be interested in revisiting the movie with the small amount of bonus features, especially since part of it has to do with Spider-Man: Far From Home, which is already out in theaters. Taron Adarsh’s Twitter account was the first to announce the Avengers: Endgame India rerelease.



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