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New URSHERRR: Usher Gets Huge Head & Neck Tattoo To Represent ‘Transformation And Ancient Geometry’

According to TMZ, Usher just added ink to the one place no one would have guessed he would..his head.

Usher and tattoo artist Dillon Forte, who’s worked with a gang of other celebrities, decided to link up for an unforgettable piece so the singer sat down for a 3-hour session last weekend at Sri Yantra Tattoo Studio in Venice.

We don’t know if this new ink is simply a part of his creative process as one of thegreatest artists of our time, or if he’s just going through a mid-life crisis.

We previously noticed Usher’s hair at a party for his friend Keith Thomas.

Are you hating or loving Urrrrrsher’s new tatt?


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