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Thief almost Tasered after trying to steal Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bike

Arnold Schwarzenegger got caught in the middle of an electrifying scene Friday in California when a thief tried to snatch his bike — and his security guard pulled a Taser on the man, according to a report.

The action movie star-turned-California governor — who was drop-kicked by a crazed man in South Africa two weeks ago at his fitness expo — was leaving Gold’s Gym in Los Angeles when his security detail spotted the alleged bike bandit making off with “The Terminator’s” custom-made, fat-tired ride, according to Yahoo News.

The security guard collared the alleged thief and held him at Taser-point while Schwarzenegger grabbed his bike, posed for photographs with fans, then pedaled away.

The crook was wearing a red bandanna on his face and appeared to be arguing with the security guard while the man had his weapon drawn.

The star appeared unfazed by the incident.



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