11 Surprising Culprits That May Be Causing Your Acne

Breakouts can be an awful thing to deal with. Suffering from acne can lead to low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. Around 50 million people in America are affected by acne issues, according to a report from the American Academy of Dermatology. Most people know that breakouts are caused by hormones and an overproduction of oil on the face and skin. The excess oil can clog your hair follicles and lead to the production of a bacteria called P.acnes.

Genetics plays the biggest role in how a person’s body reacts to the hormones created by the bacteria. However, there are certain things some people do each day that can make the problems worse and exacerbate the breakouts. Below are some interesting triggers that may be the culprit to your breakouts.

1. Washing With Hard Water

Hard water refers to water with a high concentration of minerals. This type of water does not rinse away soaps as effectively as it should. Because of this, leftover soap residue is left on your skin and will clog your pores.

2. Consuming Dairy

It may not be completely fair to blame your acne issues on a dairy-rich diet, but research has proven cow’s milk is a culprit for pimple breakouts on some people. For the unlucky ones, the peptides and proteins found in cow’s milk can spur the production of insulin and a hormone called IGF-1. Both of these trigger the receptors in the skin to open up for androgens. The result of this is an increase in oil and clogged pores.

3. Toothpaste

It does not seem conceivable that your toothpaste can be the cause of some of your breakouts. However, the ingredients in common toothpaste can wreak havoc on any skin type and a lead to your skin drying out. As a result, you could see irritation, redness and even pimples. While you are brushing your teeth, be mindful of any toothpaste that dribbles down your chin. According to Joshua Zeichner, MD, this checks out.  “SLS is a known irritant, causing skin inflammation. It used to be used commonly in cleansers and toothpaste because it acts as a surfactant to help remove dirt from the skin and gunk from teeth.”

4. Skincare Ingredients

Even if you are the only friend in your group who actually takes care of their skin and washes it, you may still end up being the one with acne problems. Unfortunately, some skin care products have ingredients that can trigger breakouts. For example, some moisturizing agents have mineral oils that are known to clog pores and cause breakouts. Try multiple skin care products and if you are still having breakouts, consider setting up an appointment with your dermatologist. You may end up finding you have an allergic reaction to specific ingredients.

5. Workout-Causing Breakouts

Working out has many benefits. However, if you do not take a shower after your workout, you may end up leaving dirt, oil, sweat and makeup on your skin that will mix together and clog your pores. Additionally, wearing tight athletic clothing and sweating is one of the major causes of shoulder acne.

To help with this, consider cleansing your shoulders after working out. If you do not have time for a shower, consider using facial wipes to remove as much as possible before you begin sweating. This will allow sweat to come through your pores without mixing with bacteria and other acne-causing things.

6. Detergent May Be Irritating Your Skin

If you have sensitive skin, the detergent you use to wash your clothes may be irritating your skin and causing breakouts. If you think this may be the culprit of the pimples on your face and body, think about switching to a fragrance-free or dye-free laundry detergent to see if it helps.

7. Taking Birth Control

There are many great reasons to take birth control. For a lot of girls who take it, it can actually clear up acne. Every female’s progesterone and estrogen balance is unique and will change throughout each cycle. This means that hormonal birth control can affect women differently, including causing pimple breakouts.

8. Too Much Sun Exposure

Spending time outside soaking up the sun is good to get your vitamin D. In some cases, exposure to UV rays will dry up oil on your face to make your breakouts less noticeable. This is not the case for everybody. Getting a tan can lead to your skin thickening in order to protect itself. When this happens, your pores can get blocked and lead to more zits than before.

9. The Foods You Eat

Eating food you’re sensitive to can lead to more than just an upset stomach. It can also lead to food related acne breakouts around your mouth and on your chin area. The best way to find what foods are causing more breakouts is by keeping a food journal. This will allow you to figure out which foods you eat around the time you breakout.

10. Your Dirty Pillowcase

You spend all night with your face on your pillowcase. Even if you wash your face before bed each night, your pillowcase could be holding dirt, oils and bacteria that is ready to clog your pores. Hair products and sweat get transferred onto your pillowcase while you are sleeping. It is best to change out or clean your pillowcases at least every three days.

11. Significant Other’s Facial Hair

If your man has a beard or scruffy face, the friction from their hair on your face can cause you to break out. The coarser it is, the more damage it can do to your skin. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about this unless you ask your man to shave his facial hair off.


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