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Rank #2 – Prague Tops List, Freest European Cities in 2019

Rank #2 – Prague Tops List, Freest European Cities in 2019

Living in any city in the world today can be costly and very regulated. In New York, for instance, the police may soon fine people who walk around reading & texting on their cell phone. Though it is the cause of many pedestrians being hit by cars, people should still have the right to walk as they wish to. Nonetheless, these types of ‘Parental government’ laws are going on everywhere across the world. In #Europe, a local agency ranked the countries with the least of these ‘nanny laws.’ The capital city of the #2 ranked country, Czech Republic, is the beautiful city of Prague and the metro is exploding.

Why CR’s Capital City Ranks Second Freest

Rank #2 – Prague Tops List, Freest European Cities in 2019

The city of Prague took the top rank on this list based on various metrics. According to, the factor of taxes on everyday goods by governments is a top factor. After this, the second key factor was laws that seem to ban or penalize people for personal habits. Prague Morning says that Prague has no taxes on food, certain smoking accessories, nor beverages like juices & soft drinks.

Another reason the Czech Republic ranked so high on the annual ‘nanny ranking’ is its leniency with media. Advertisements for alcohol companies and other goods have little to no regulation. Unlike some of the competing countries of the EU, ads on Prague television can be provocative and risque.

Website Nanny State Index or NSI, ranks the country of PCZ the same. The independent blog site ranks the Czech Republic as second, behind only Germany. The country of Slovakia is third. Austria is fourth freest while Luxembourg is fifth.

The explosion of Building in Prague

Rank #2 – Prague Tops List, Freest European Cities in 2019

If you are not aware, Czech’s Capital is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It features a lot of modern architecture and historic buildings. Prague is the largest city of a country that has the 13th fastest growing economies in the entire European Union. It is increased by a rate of 2.9% according to, which is a larger population change than Germany.

With the expansion of course comes tons of new construction. The beautiful art & design behind structures going up in Prague have made such an impression, past visitors from other global countries like to watch it change. There is a website that shows new buildings planned for the city metropolitan.

For the latest on updates and touring information on Prague, be sure to visit Enjoy a video beneath of the city, which also advises on things to do while visiting.

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