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5 Effective Ways to Get More People to Listen to Your Music

Let’s assume you have what it takes to make great music that people can connect with. Now, how do you go about getting people to listen to your latest creations? There is no single way to success unless you suddenly get discovered by a millionaire record producer. If you are waiting for that to happen, then you need to stop daydreaming and act now. Record producers get bombarded with Emails and audition requests every single day and to think that they will come to you without you doing anything is insane. To even register in a producer’s radar, you need to garner a certain amount of credibility and street fame. Even if you never get “discovered” you can still be very successful by producing your own music. In this post, we reveal 5 ways to get more people to listen to your music.

Network with People Interested in Your Music

Much like marketing anything, you need to be a part of the scene. That means attending local gigs and making new friends. Instead of attending every single event, we suggest picking events that match your style of music. In other words, if you are into hip hop, you have no business attending a classical music event.

When at these events your goal is to find three types of people, mentors, peers, and fans. Connect with people who are already successful and start following them and try and mimic their success. Find fellow musicians on the same path as you are and gather essential intel on what’s working for them. These are also great events to find loyal followers who would share and comment every time you post a new track on social media.

Stay Updated About the Newest Ways to Promote Music

It’s critical that you stay updated on the latest trends and ways to promote your music. You can check out Blue Buzz Music and other similar blogs to get the latest on everything related to your genre of music. If you want to be taken seriously by other musicians, you need to read up and become an expert on all things music.

Create Your Own Website

You should have an online presence and at the center of all your social media efforts should be a well-designed website. With so many user-friendly website builders, you can create a great-looking site in no time. Don’t just create a website that talks about your music. Instead, make sure to post regular content about your genre of music. You can even talk about other musicians and events to keep things fresh.

Find Events and Gigs Where You Can Participate

A lot of people pay local musicians for performing at their events. These are great opportunities and ones that should never be turned down. If you are not getting enough calls, offer to do free gigs to get the ball rolling. However, make sure to bring a friend who has a steady hand to record your performance.

Hone Your Social Media Game

This is a skill that’s not easily acquired. That’s why companies hire professional social media marketing experts. Unfortunately, just posting a song every now and then is not nearly enough. If you have money to spare, then this where you should spend. Hire an expert to promote your stuff on multiple social media platforms. You can even attend social media marketing classes to figure out the best ways to promote your music.



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