Meghan Markle is banned from royal jewelry?

Meghan Markle has access to royal jewelry, as she was allowed to wear some of the pieces from the Royal Collection when she was on a royal engagement with Prince Harry. However, Meghan wanted to wear a different type of necklace, which the Queen forbid, due to her rank.

Gavin Gray, a royal commentator said, “There was this row where Meghan wanted this particular necklace, Harry said ‘Meghan gets what Meghan wants,’ and the Queen turned around and said ‘oh, no, she doesn’t. I decide what necklace is going to be worn out of the Royal Collection’. This also fits in with this idea in some ways Harry feels Meghan is being looked down, not being given the same footing or standing as Kate. This is an ongoing battle and a row I can see brewing.”

Gray added, “This is a fascinating story because there’s a Royal Collection – it’s things like paintings but there’s also jewelry and it is one of the best collections of artwork and jewelry anywhere in the world. The Queen does have some private items in there but most of it is owned by UK taxpayers. The Queen does have the right to lend certain items to other members of the Royal Family and wear necklaces, jewelry, earrings herself. It’s been reported that certain pieces, which have been worn by Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, are not going to be allowed to be loaned to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. It’s all to do with picking orders.”

Kate is the future Queen, and therefore the current reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II decided to allow Kate to be amongst the first to choose from the royal jewelry.

Despite the fact that Kate is the future Queen, she has to curtsy to Princess Royal, Princess Alexandra, and Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice when she is not accompanied by Prince William. When she is, however, she doesn’t have to bend the knee to them, but she has to do so when the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are in front of her.

Even though Meghan and Kate share the same title, Kate outranks Meghan, and therefore, Meghan has to curtsy to Kate when the Queen is also attending the same event. Andrew Morton commented, “Kate has established herself as the future Queen. At the end of the day, Meghan will be curtsying to Catherine, because she will be the Queen. Meghan will always be just a junior member, albeit a very popular one, of the Royal Family.”



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