Tips and tricks for perfect everyday look

Everyone wants to look good daily. There are some rather simple routines everyone could regularly follow to always like what they see in the mirror. You can glow, be healthy, and be pleased with yourself without wasting a ton of money for expensive face treatments, moisturizers or conditioners. However, be prepared to spend enough time on yourself. In this case, you are the best friend to yourself, and the way you look and feel depends, mostly, on you.


First things first, get enough sleep. Go to bed early, get at least 7 hours of sleep and wake up early. Beauty sleep is important. Not sleeping enough, or sleeping for too long, will cause your eyes to be red, you’ll have bags under your eyes, and will generally make you feel tired throughout the day. The skin imperfections and recurring hyperpigmentation will cause you to use more makeup that will further damage your skin. It’s important to think about skin health if you wish to look fresh and well rested.

Cleanse the face regularly. You don’t want remnants of last night’s makeup on your face, ever. Don’t go to bed before you’ve taken every last bit of makeup off. Give yourself time to do this properly.

Steam massages are a good way of keeping your skin dewy and healthy. Massage the face in circular motions covering everything from your forehead, cheekbones to your jawbone. This way you’re improving circulation in your skin making it healthier and more glowy.

You should also consider exfoliating regularly. You’ll get rid of excess skin and avoid putting makeup on dead skin.


Your hair demands just as much attention as your skin does. If you want to achieve the natural, dewy “I woke up like this” look and avoid using too much product to make your skin and hair look good, the solution is rather simple. Keep them healthy! If your skin and hair are healthy, they will look good.

Don’t wash your hair too often. Also, try using shampoos and conditioners without sulfates and parabens. While you’re at it, check out what the eco-friendly, palm oil free options are in your drugstores. You can keep both, your hair and the planet, healthy at the same time!

Use hydrating masks twice a week to keep your hair shiny, smooth, and healthy. My hair is rather thin and curly and what I like using is a mask made of honey, olive oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil. I apply it twice a week, leave it on for around an hour or two (the longer the better) and afterward my hair gets that natural shiny look, the curls are well defined and aren’t frizzy.

No heat! Avoid curling and ironing your hair as much as you can. Also, don’t blow dry it. I understand that it’s sometimes necessary, but try to refrain from using heat on your hair too often.

Regular trims will keep your hair healthy by removing the split ends and damaged hair allowing your healthy hair to shine. Two months between trims should do it, but if you want your hair to be longer, then try trimming it less often and, during that period, you should try damaging it as little as possible.



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