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Weight Loss Tips – Lose Weight Safely

In the beginning, you have to know how your body works and how it burns fat. Your body reacts according to the following equation.

Intake Calories – Output Calories

Intake calories are the amount of calories you gain from the food and beverages you consume daily. Output calories are the number of calories you burn from your body metabolism and daily physical activity  So, to guarantee continuous weight loss, you have to be careful about this equation. You have to keep your output calories must be higher than your intake calories to lose weight.

2- Early breakfast

The most important meal in your diet is breakfast because your body metabolic rate depends mainly on it at the beginning of the day. Early breakfast results in a higher metabolic rate for the whole day, but be Careful of eating a large amount of food for breakfast. It’s recommended to have fruits, vegetables or some yoghurt to be included in your breakfast with a suitable amount of water.

3- Eat a 5-6 daily small meal

Your body metabolism rate reacts according to how many meals you eat per day. Eating 5-6 small portions meals result in a higher metabolism rate, but 1-2 daily meals will reduce your metabolism and increase your weight gain rate. The more you eat, the more you burn, as long as the intake calories are less than the output calories as we explained before.

4- Regular physical activity and exercise

The body fat is considered as the fuel for your muscle. So, when you do exercises, your body muscles use this fat and burn it to produce sufficient energy for your muscles. That’s why physical activity is so important in losing weight, but I’m not talking about any type of physical activity. We will explain later further details about the exercises.

5- Metabolism booster

There are many natural metabolism boosters that you can use to help you increase your metabolism rate and lose weight easily.

6- Drink water

Do you know that drinking water before meals suppresses your appetite? Not only that, but some researches said that cold water helps your metabolic rate to be higher to keep your body temperature normal at 37 Celsius. One of the most common mistakes is drinking soda instead of water. Consuming one or two cans of soda causes your waistline to increase five times than with those who are not drinking. In addition to the large amounts of sugar in the soda will increase your appetite to eat more food, even the diet soda which contains artificial sugar will do the same bad effect.

7- Sleep well

Sleeping well will maintain your body nervous system in a healthy state and thus help improve your body activity level and accordingly the metabolism. But insufficient daily sleep results in higher levels of cortisol hormone (stress hormone). You have to sleep 6-8 hours daily to help your body recover and remain in good health.

8- Emotional

One of the most common mistakes I’ve ever seen in my career life.

When you feel sad, don’t eat!

When you feel depressed, don’t eat!

When you feel stressed, don’t eat!

Eating while you are depressed or upset will make you eat more without knowing. Try to control your appetite when you feel depressed. There are many natural depression treatments like a piece of dark chocolate or coffee, or you can go for some walk and get some fresh air. Trust me! Eating too much food won’t make you happier.

9- Disappointment because of weight gain

I’ve seen this case so many times. Don’t worry it’s normal and temporary to gain some weight during your diet program, keep following your diet and exercise to lose weight again. Never stop because of some pounds up!

10- Eating low calories diet for a long time

Following a low calories diet for a long time will make your metabolic rate lower, and that’s the main reason for gaining weight again after losing. Your diet should include a free day, in which you can eat anything as you like to break the daily diet routine and help increase your body metabolism again.

Physical Activity Tips:

1- Aerobics: (Walking, Cycle, Swimming)

-Your body starts to burn the stored fats after around 30 mins of exercising.

-Don’t divide the time of your exercise on the day, at least do 30 mins continuously.

2- Strength Exercise:

-The muscle cell needs energy more than the fat cell, so it means that the more muscle mass in your body the higher metabolic rate.

3- Lifestyle modification:

-The best way to burn calories during the day without efforts.


-Using the stairs instead of the elevator.

-Home work like cleaning or washing

-Parking the car away from the destination entrance to walk more.

-Washing your car.

The best exercise to burn fat:

-Cardio exercises use your stored fats to produce energy.

-Gym machines exercises tend to increase your muscle mass and increase your metabolic rate.

-Both of them are useful for weight loss but with different theories.

-You can perform both of them but focus on the cardio exercise especially at the beginning

Abdominal Crunches

-Don’t believe the TV commercials!

-Abdominal exercises increase your abdomen muscles mass but not burning its fats.

-The fat loss during abdominal exercise is so low compared to the increase in muscle mass.

-The result will be that you will get a big muscle mass on the abdomen fat layer, which will not be a good shape.

-But focus on cardio exercises only until you lose your abdomen fat and becomes nearly flat.

-Then start the abdominal exercises to build sexy six packs without fat.

What’s cellulite and how to treat it?

Cellulite is a condition in which the skin appears to have areas with underlying fat deposits, It is most noticeable on the buttocks and thighs and usually occurs after puberty.

-Grades or types of cellulite:

*Grade 1 cellulite sees no clinical symptoms, but a microscopic examination of cells of the body detects underlying anatomical changes.

*Grade 2 have decreased elasticity, in addition to anatomical changes noted by microscopic examinations.

*Grade 3 cellulite has visible roughness of the skin (like an orange peel) along with all grade 2 signs.

-Causes of cellulite

1- Hormonal factors

2- Genetics

3- Diet

4- Lifestyle factors

5- Tight Clothing

-Treatment of cellulite:

There are several treatments that have been suggested to reduce cellulite. But according to my experience, the best one is radiofrequency therapy (RF) sessions.

-It stimulates the collagen in your skin and promotes the skin elasticity.

-It reduces the fat deposits under the skin layer (subcutaneous lipolysis).

-It reduces the orange peel appearance of the skin.



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