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Tips to help you get your App featured on the App Store

Getting featured on the app store is every app developer’s dream. Not only does getting featured help to makes your product credible, but it also improves your visibility and increases the number of downloads made.

Fortunately or not, there are thousands of apps out there, with more being released every day, which has made it harder and harder to stand out. So why should your app be featured on the app store instead of the countless others and how can it stand out when it does? Here is how to have your app featured on the app store:

Start by creating a remarkable app

No amount of marketing can help you be featured on the app store if your app is less than remarkable. Before attempting even to try, you should make sure that every element of your app is as polished as it needs to be to be able to stand up to some of the others that have already been featured. If you feel that your app is not quite ready yet, it helps to work with a qualified app development agency that can help you keep making improvements and adjustments until it is ready for the store.

Understand how the store operates

To have your app picked, it helps to have a full understanding of the criteria used to feature apps in the first place. Most apps are actually hand-picked instead of relying on a complicated algorithm. If you get to understand how this selection process works or understand the app store submission checklist, then it will likely increase your chances of being selected considerably as it will allow you to develop a proper strategy.

Try and make your app universal

One way of increasing your chances of being featured on the app store is to make it universal so that your app can be accessed through a wide range of operating systems. As such, your app should be available not only for products featuring iOS but also on Android devices as well. This will obviously require you to put in extra effort, but when your app is available across different devices, it will all be worth it in the end as it will give you a huge advantage over your competition.

Make regular updates

Updating your app regularly with new features can help it get featured on the app store. Not only are app updates vital for ensuring that your app is operating smoothly, but updates can also work to improve your ratings, which will improve your likelihood of being featured.



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