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What are The Must Have luxury Items for 2019

When it comes to luxury items, the word essential should be used carefully. Luxury items are the sort of stuff that is considered to be optional when it comes to owning them.
What are The Must Have luxury Items for 2019
However, if you can afford it and if it doesn’t leave a big dent on your wallet, then we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself with it.

From designer clothes to designer handbags, to expensive jewelry, and even a sports car, we bring you the must-have luxury items for 2019.

1.    Calatrava 4897/300G -001 White Gold Watch

This model of Calatrava by Patek Philippe is one of the best pieces in the legendary Patek Philippe line. The watch is designed in an elegant way that really points out the brilliant craftsmanship. The watch itself comes into three cases, white, rose and yellow gold. The strap of the watch is from alligator leather, and the watch itself is designed to last for years, even generations. The Calatrava White Gold Watch comes with 48 baguette diamonds (approximately 1.21 carat) and it is a must-have luxury accessory for combining with your apparel.

What are The Must Have luxury Items for 2019

Source: Beladora

2.    Hermes Birkin 35 Black Shiny Porosus Crocodile Gold Hardware

This designer piece by Hermes is a serious item for the right woman.  The bag is made out of black porous crocodile leather and it features two rolled handles both also made from the same crocodile leather. This handbag is an expensive one due to the excellent level of detail inserted by Hermes.

This designer handbag is of the highest possible quality, and the bag itself is very compact including a lock, two keys, and a matching clochette. As mentioned, the bag is made out of porous crocodile leather, which is a very expensive and exotic skin designed from Hermes. If you are interested in buying this designer bag, the luxury shopping marketplace is where you can find it.

What are The Must Have luxury Items for 2019

Source: Baghunter

3.    Money Tree by Oksana Tanasiv

If you are into art, then the art produced by Oksana Tanasiv will absolutely amaze you. The artist herself is of Ukrainian – American descent, and she is one hell of a contemporary artist that likes to experiment with realistic, surrealistic, and pop-art. This painting is part of her Dollar Art collection, which is focused around the relationship between people and money.

In the art piece itself, the message sent through is that bank notes can have such an influence over people and how they behave. It can manipulate people, and it can force them to do strange things for #money. This art piece can be bought on

What are The Must Have luxury Items for 2019


4.    La Bella Mosaic by Traversari Mosaici

What better way to lighten your living room than with a stunning mosaic piece by Traversari. This mosaic is special because a lot of time and energy has been put into this Florentine type art piece. The details on the art piece are perfect with the background being made of Belgian marble mixed with lapis lazuli and malachite, which was the primary element used for the floral details. This 19th century mosaic by Traversari Mosaici took a lot of time and effort to make, and we are almost certain it will bring a lot of culture to your living space.

What are The Must Have luxury Items for 2019

Source: Pinterest

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