What Should A Great Blog Offer; Ideas in creating a successful blog 2019

In the past few decades the Internet has been inevitably growing, and now we can see it as a major marketplace, service of communication and a library of information. And the internet has brought many options cash-earning options to people all over the world. From typical buy and sell services to possible freelance jobs, and blog is writing all these allow you to earn cash without living your house or having to do a typical 9 to 5 job.

With this in mind, writing a blog might be one of the most effective ways for people to earn money over the internet. And especially if you like writing it shouldn’t be any kind of a problem to pump out a few articles on a weekly basis considering a specific niche. Now, the thing is many people out there have their own blogs, but not all blogs can be that successful and earn you quite a good living. That is for a few reasons, and most are related to how you approach your blog writing and how much effort you put in your articles. There are a few things that make the difference between a high-quality blog and a regular blog that will not get as much attention. Let’s have a look!

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Tips For A High-Quality Blog

1. First and foremost, a good blog contains no more than one specific niche. Now, you can always mention the impact that other niches may have on the niche you are writing on but stay at that. For example, if your blog is about traveling don’t suddenly start writing about cars. On the other hand, you can connect traveling to thing such as food, hiking, mountaineering, languages and thus get more articles out of one subject. The thing the audience that is reading your blog is a target one so if you suddenly switched from one to other niche chances are you would be losing some followers.

2. Along with that, the key is to keep your content as original and creative as possible. People love hearing about other experience and if you just write a general opinion without including your thoughts, points of views and experiences it might not be as fun to read.

3. Also, a good blog always contains a lot of photos and videos that support your claim and make it easier for the reader to get and experience what you are talking about. Along with that, if you are writing on a certain subject that is a point of the debate you might want to include your source links so a reader that is interested in getting more info can get it from a relevant page that is connected to you.

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4. The link building is incredibly important with any kind of website including blogs. This will increase your blog traffic, and raise your blog awareness as people will be more familiar with the niche you are writing on and thus be more prone to invest time in it. Investing time in commenting or guest posting on other quality blogs, or being a part of a curated blog aggregator might help you with this.

5. Last but not least a good blog should be readable and easy to use. If your blog has a bad uptime, or a bad response time chances are it will not be as attractive no matter how good your content is. That is why investing in good web design, as well as mobile optimization can be one of the best moves you can make. And don’t forget as with product selling websites as well your blog can benefit out of the SEO too. Whether you are an SEO expert yourself or you need to hire an agency to be sure to invest extra time and money in this. It will pay off.


Blog writing can be quite a fun thing to do and earning money off it isn’t easy. Your most blog income comes from advertisements that you will be making in a certain niche and general traffic of your website. So, the more optimized and original your blog is – the better!


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