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The Shoe Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Fall

Every season brings its fashion, and for shoes, there are always many options flooding the market especially during fall. Fall footwear is an admiration for many. There is a strong admiration for summer shoes based on individual tastes, and the trend doesn’t seem to end.

A wide range of shoes awaits those who are not sure of what to go for during fall. There is something special about each type of footwear including sneakers, flat sandals, and loafers among other types.

Just like we have experienced in the past, fall will be bringing in new shoe trends. They include the latest designer men’s and women’s shoe trends at Arthur Knight, square toes, animal prints and a wide range of sneakers. The moment the weather will cool down, you will definitely be going for boots and other options that will be suitable for such weather. Here are some of the footwear trends to add on to the shopping list.  Make this your ultimate guide in determining what kind of shoes will make you be part of the trend this fall.

Pastel Boots

These are usually white boots, which continue to be fashionable even in the new season. However, there is a new colour trend of a candy-coated rainbow with lilac and mint green shades. These colours are common among designers, and it’s something you should be looking for this fall.


Heels feel better the higher they get. Flatforms and platforms will, therefore, be trendy and better than have been experienced in the past. There are a number of sneakers and heels brands with some extra height to enhance this good feeling. Different tastes, fashion, and preferences dictating the demand in the market will be on offer for willing buyers.

Square Toes

Shoes come in different styles and fashion including boots and flats. Over and above this, there is a square toe to add on to your shoe collection. You may consider having slimmer cuts or wider renditions only squared at the tip. It provides a 90-inspired look that feels completely fresh on your feet.


Img source: arthurknight.com


This is a classy and complex feminine shoe that will be trending in fall. It is meant to be worn by everyone since there are different types based on style, colour, and height. There is the red metallic leaf for example, among many other options that you can choose based on your preference. Ideally, the shoes come full of style giving you a variety of appealing options to choose from.

High-Cut Pumps

Even though high-cut pumps have been seen over a number of seasons in different collections, they will come in full force in fall. This is an easy and simple way of modernizing workwear.

Cowboy Boots

Everything western is expected to continue over into fall and cowboy boots are in the list. They range from styles fit normally worn at ranches to other sleeker versions won in the city. It is all about contrast. They can be worn unexpectedly with feminine dresses and tailored separates.

Img source: arthurknight.com


Lace-Up Boots

Lace-up boots are part of the Old west themes for fall. These sleek lace-up boots are meant for feminine tastes because they are ladylike. You can choose between a sky-high stiletto and kitten heel and style them with anything from trim trousers to full-sweeping skirts.


The sneaker is the most wearable shoe and is also among those that will trend in fall. This is a timeless footwear always appearing in the stores in different variations and styles. There are a lot of them in white colour and many other customized versions providing variety for all. Ideally, it is a versatile shoe that can be worn by anyone.

 Animal Print

Trendy shoe fashions in the fall also include those with animal instinct. You can choose from a wide list of leopard stripes, snakeskin and zebra stripes among other options.

Img source: arthurknight.com

 Different seasons place a demand on us to go for certain types of shoes where various styles and fashion emerge based on people’s tastes and preferences. During the fall, these are some of the footware trends to expect everywhere. Therefore, this serves as an ultimate guide for those looking for help with what kind of shoes to buy to stay fashionable!



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