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Educationl Dilema – Real Tutor vs Online Tutor

In the real world, everyone needs a bit of help when it comes to studying and learning new skills and expanding your current knowledge. The ones who recognize that fact and acknowledge the potential support in a suggestion, advice, guidance in the matter in hand are far in front of those who are still in denial.

Because they have accepted the current situation and taking action to move forward in the right direction towards their gold. In the case of studying there is a dilemma which kind of help will prove better or useful in the given moment, when to ask for advice, and who do we ask for a professional help we need? These are all good questions which should be oriented towards finding a suitable online tutor or a person to tutor you.


Depending on the location you are at the moment our suggestion would be to search for a personal tutor who lives near you so you can easily arrange a private class. After that, your tutor is focused only on your future development, giving you guidelines you should follow and practical advice to resolve your current obstacles that you may have.  On the other hand, an online tutor is not required to be located near you, so you are not limited by that fact. You will have to precise the right time for the online tutorial class, and you have a diverse base of online tutors at Tutors Fields to pick from. The problem here is that a large number of online tutors can behave unprofessionally from time to time, taking more students and not giving all the attention and focus to just one specific.


One factor is important to mention but not the deciding one for sure, and that is the cost of the online tutorial class and the cost of an in-person tutor.

Personal tutors have a bit higher price for a class when compared to the cost of the online tutors. Online tutors are equipped with high tech implementations which they are using in an attempt to form a more personal class with the student. The symbolically higher price for a private tutor is explained through the time, effort and energy spent by the tutor on the end result and strategy to guide you to the knowledge and the set of skills to use in the future. You will, in the end, have to decide which kind of program provides you with a more personal approach that will leave you with more spear time to use whether on studying or freeing up your schedule. Time factor can’t be overlooked, online tutors are 24/7 in action and ready. A personal tutor has a precise program you are to follow.


Whether you decide on the option to take an online tutor or a personal tutor, to improve your knowledge or pass an exam that has been troubling you, you are not obligated to stay with one or the other form of tutoring. A recent study has shown that ATAR -high school exam ranking in Australia that students attended the same number in private classes and online courses. The results shown were amazingly good for both and the same percentage of success. The students who sought help from tutors had better outcomes than those who did not have them at all.



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