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8 Significant Tips to Prepare for University Interview

University interviews are students’ worst nightmares. You would want to think that the interviewers would be inclined to point out your errors and penalize without consideration. Often, a rumor is circulated to mislead already anxious applicants. Here are some ways you could work on your university interview.

Answer Questions with Confidence

One of the first things that a person notices in your behavior is confidence. If you are hesitant, you will fail to form sentences properly or think well enough to provide satisfactory answers, even if you’re aware of what is going on. Instead of pressing the panic button when a question comes your way, try to be calm, focused and answer with politeness and confidence.

Stay Close to The Truth

This might be your first interview or even tenth, but the people sitting on the other side of the table see candidates like you every day. They will know when you are lying or trying to fake it. Experience will point out any irregularities in your interview performance that could affect the decision taken by the interviewer or the panel.

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Be Early and Be Appropriately Dressed

Being late is not an option here. You should try to arrive for your interview at least fifteen minutes before. When you do arrive, however, it must be only in appropriate attire. Interviewers notice everything – from body language to your clothes because it shows whether you actually care about the interview or not. In many cases, you may be told what to wear beforehand by the interviewing authority. Try to stick to the instructions and do not experiment with random apparel choices.

Be Well Versed with Your Course and Application

You need to know what you are there for. The interviewer may ask you questions about why you like the course you have applied for and what you plan to do with the degree. Other questions which test your knowledge about the curriculum you have chosen may arise. Read and revise your written application, as it is likely that you may be asked a question from it.

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Do Not Think Too Far Ahead or Be Overconfident

Confidence will work well in an interview, but overconfidence can be fatal. Students with credible performance may be turned down in the interview if they seem too full of themselves or cannot satisfy the panel. Do not assume that you will gain an automatic selection and start planning on your university life, the gifts for graduation and so on. Stay with the present situation and focus on what lies right ahead.

Be Polite and Charming

The panel may not be in their best mood this morning, but that should not keep you from being polite and respectful. Maintain a smile wherever appropriate and be open to sharing details about yourself. If the interviewer contradicts something you know, do not argue with them and try to forcefully prove your point. Arguments give the impression that you are not cooperative, and the image may be harmful for your reputation.

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Do A Mock Interview with Someone You Know

Practicing an interview may certainly help you out. Be it a family member or a friend you know, ask them to be the interviewer and help you prepare. Guess or look up prospective questions before you go for the interview. That will help you get an idea.

Do Not Worry and Stay Positive

Lastly, there is no reason to assume that you will not be selected. Such assumptions may even harm your performance. No matter what goes on around you, be optimistic about the interview. It is neither impossible nor difficult to get through.

The interview stage is an important part of the application and selection process. Here, an interviewer can basically read the real person that has applied instead of seeing him or her through the lens of academic and extracurricular achievements. For your interview, remember to be polite, confident and sure of what you are saying. And with a bit of luck, you will certainly find yourself a wonderful place.



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