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Sony WH-1000XM3 review: The best noise-canceling headphone


Headphones are one of the essential things for people who love music and are passionate about it. However, such individuals prefer a high-quality headphone that does not disrupt their music. SONY WH-1000XM3 headphones are one of the best headphones launched by SONY due to the new features installed in it. The updated version of the headphones come with an analog amplification, resulting in improved audio performance.

Design and Build

The framework of WH-1000XM3 is similar to the SONY’s XM2 model, but the differences are unique. It is designed with a thick and soft cushion that surround the ear to make it comfortable. You would feel no weight on your head. While you wouldn’t have to face awkwardness with balloon-like headbands that most headphones have. As SONY has structured the straight headband of the XM3 leaving less of a gap to your head.

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Voice Control

The XM3 has one of the best noise-canceling features and does not have the mottled texture on the earcups and is rather is replaced by a flatten matte surface. The right earcup is featured with a touch-sensitive panel, so you don’t have to press the buttons again and again. It just a tap and voila you get the result! To answer a call or play/pause you need to double-tap, forward or back to skips the songs you don’t want to hear and swipe up or down to alter the level of volume. However, it might some time for you get the hang of it.

Avail the benefit of the ‘Quick Attention’ mode that decreases the volume of your music to let in outside noise. You can talk to anyone while your headphones on. This motion even enables you to communicate with the voice assistant. For instance, Siri if you are connected to an iPhone or Google Assistant.


Sony has upgraded the quality and quantity of microphones used for calls, so you should hear more clearly when talking to someone. It has built the feature of noise-canceling that could be functioned permanently, even when not playing anything, you could cut-off from the world for a peaceful sleep. Moreover, even this could benefit the frequent flyers who are annoyed with the issue of high altitude operating the function of Atmospheric

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Pressure Optimizer

Additionally, it is fitted with a quick-charging battery, so you don’t have to wait long to charge your headphones. It just 3 hours and the headphone’s battery is fully charged, meanwhile a 10 minutes charge could give you 5 hours of use.

Sound system

This model is developed with deep bass that helps to yield a satisfying rendition. However, this does not imbalances the presentation and the delivery of sound but adds richness and weight to the sound. In short, these headphones put a barrier to the outside world and replace the noise with the best quality audio available.


Sony has merged all the features to provide you the comfort and enhanced audio ability with a noise-canceling feature. This can be your companion while #traveling, studying, reading or when you’re bored.

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