Digital SEO Marketing Strategies Online Examples

In today’s technology landscape, the strong digital marketing strategy actually has become a big hit thing. An only question is how one can one serve it up in the best possible way. Your success in business generally depends on the right kind of strategy. The right kind of strategy will lead to higher sales, long-term growth and new customers. Traditional advertising is now a thing of past. Why? It is more annoying than being very effective.  It’s the CMO’s job of staying ahead of this digital marketing curve, stay updated on the new trends as well as break through this clutter. So, here are some simple tips to optimize the digital SEO – marketing strategies.

Prioritize your customer needs

When your team is busy with building your internet presence and marketing your product and service. It is simple to lose your customer sight that you would like to target. “When you are building the brand online, lots of people will rush to buy the ads and get traffic to drive some revenues by the brute force. The small improvements in the conversion rates, retargeting and email capture will pay vast dividends. This will tighten up the trap first and then buy the eyeballs. You will acquire and retain your customers cost-efficiently as well as keep money for the higher-risk strategies.”

Audit & update your SEO quite often

You know your product and service is good, but is your product reaching the right people? SEO will significantly help the brand to reach to your targeted people who need your offering. The industry experts suggest updating your SEO strategy once in a quarter.  Because Google updates the algorithm 500 times in a year. You need to search for the keywords that make your business to gain or lose the traction in search engine cycle. This will make your brand searchable and discoverable if possible.

Source: FSI

Prioritize on blogging as the lead generation tool

Speaking about SEO: Posting valuable and relevant content drives more traffic on to your site and social pages. This will also increase your web ranking in the search engines. Actually, internet marketers who regularly blog will experience more positive ROI. Every post that you create will be one more page on your site. This makes it likely for the customers to find you while searching on internet. It indicates to the search engines your website is now active that can help to surface the content on the top results. Further, blogging provides a voice to your brand. Around 91% of consumers say that they are likely to purchase from the brand that is genuine rather than the generic.

Host best-quality webinars & live events

There’re many digital marketing resources that you may use for engaging your audience. It includes podcasts, webinars, or online promotion of the live events. In order, to streamline process of the event promotion, you can use the third party for making this process seamless. The event technology platforms help the brands to create and market the event. It also helps to promote the ticket sales & manage the audience. So, by getting external help with all the details, you may focus on a big picture. This will create the experience that your customers will always even after it is over.

Source: La Teva Web

Expand and refine the email distribution outcomes

Email marketing is the best ways of reaching to your audience. It costs nothing to perform makes this the best tools that you can add in your toolkit. The email open rates actually have increased to 180% on the mobile devices from 2014. Today, many mobile phone owners operate their email on the phone rather than the desktop. As email works much better than any other mobile notifications (text messages).  They do not cost consumer anything, and can also be accessed on all the devices besides mobile phones.

Make your online marketing mobile

Even though the desktop version of the marketing content looks good, make sure you check that this translates over devices. The consumers expect cohesion over platforms, and better accessibility you offer to your audience, more likely they will purchase.

Source: Shilabs Digital


Remember authenticity reigns highest in any of the strategies. When you have this, the online presence enables you to connect to your audience in the ways unknown. It also helps to build the brand they will want to engage for a longer time.

Written by Hari Babu


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