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Twins joined at the head separated after 50-hour surgery
Twins joined at the head separated after 50-hour surgery

How To Quit Alcohol And All The Benefits Of The Same

How To Quit Alcohol And All The Benefits Of The Same

We have all eagerly waited to turn 21 years old a be able to drink alcohol legally. And that is fine, enjoying a couple of drinks with your friends, partner or a certain event is a social experience and makes you feel good. Some studies even suggest that a glass of wine or beer a day will keep some of the problems away. But, the main problem comes when that one glass a day, or a few shots at the weekend turn into much more and create a habit. The more you drink, the higher your alcohol tolerance is, thus you need to drink even more than before in order to get that boozy feeling.

How To Quit Alcohol And All The Benefits Of The Same

source: The Independent

Alcohol addiction is a huge problem for people and families worldwide. Millions of people are suffering from it, and it can bring both mental and physical devastation to you and people around. Thus, it is really important to admit if you do have the problem as that is the first step to quitting. There are multiple benefits of it, and the only it takes is your energy and power of will. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that you will get quitting alcohol, and how to do it successfully!


Benefits Of Quitting Alcohol

First of all, you have to understand how serious can the alcohol addiction be. It affects all your organs, and can in terms lead to – brain and memory issues; stroke and cardiomyopathy (heart); fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver; pancreas problems; as well different types of cancer. Along with that alcohol, addiction does turn you aggressive, and can seriously affect your family and people around you. That is another reason why you should quit, and let’s now take a look at all the benefits of it:


  1. First of all, you will probably lose weight. Most of the people that have alcohol addiction replace it for food and only take those simple alcohol calories. Alcohol isn’t nutrient-packed at all, and can only make you obese. Though in moderation some of the compounds can help you, most of the alcohol is simply empty calories. Thus excluding it will help you slim down and feel more energetic.

    How To Quit Alcohol And All The Benefits Of The Same

    source: Medical News Today

  2. You will sleep much better. People that have alcohol addiction usually wake up in the middle of the night, craving alcohol or feeling sick. That is why once you completely exclude it from your routine, you will be getting much better rest.
  3. Along with that, if you stop drinking alcohol, your heart is going to be grateful! Although in moderation some studies suggest that alcohol can increase good cholesterol, once it is addiction it will just harm you. Alcohol is known to form atherosclerosis and keep the sugar levels up, which can in terms lead to serious cardiovascular issues. No alcohol, healthy heart!
  4. Also, you will feel like your memory package is brand new. People that drink a lot have problems with remembering even the most recent details, and that isn’t confusing as alcohol damages brain cells. Quitting alcohol will make you feel like a young boy being able to remember anything out there!
  5. You will look more toned, and muscle building will be much easier.
  6. In the end, you will be healthier in general. Your immunity strengthens, so the chances of you getting sick are much lower.
How To Quit Alcohol And All The Benefits Of The Same

source: doctorfithealth


Tips On Quitting Alcohol Successfully


Though the withdrawal crisis might not be so easy, it will pass. The headaches, the irritableness will pass, but the benefits you are left with are sure to last! Here are a few tips on how to stop drinking alcohol successfully:

How To Quit Alcohol And All The Benefits Of The Same

source: Motley Magazine

  • The first step is admitting that you have a problem. Once you have done that, everything is much easier. Surround yourself with important people and stop hanging out with those that made you binge drink in the first place (at least till you are alcohol-free).
  • Just imagine your future alcohol-free self. That should be enough of a motivation boost. Better family relation, better health, everything – just for the price of quitting alcohol.
  • Start exercising. That will make you feel much better, the energy levels will go up and your depression syndromes down (due to the hormones that are released during and after a workout). Exercising will ease the physical symptoms of withdrawal, and you will not be craving alcohol as much once you are dead tired from that workout.
How To Quit Alcohol And All The Benefits Of The Same

source: Newscult

  • In the end, you can consult with the professional and go to a group rehab if you think that is the way for you. Being with a group of people that are trying to solve the problem can be motivating, and you will at the end be working as a team and making beautiful friendships out there!



While alcohol might be a nice thing in your off-time, it can’t bring you any good once it turns into a habit and addiction. The first step is prevention. But, if you already suffer from addiction don’t worry – it is not that hard to stop drinking alcohol, and the benefits are enormous. Just surround yourself with supportive people, keep a healthy routine, the power of will and mentality for the future, and all of the withdrawal problems will soon be gone!

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